We Make you pay less by providing you hassle free competitive solutions

We are an energy consultancy firm specializing in providing energy/Gas solutions for all type of businesses. After doing all the analysis of nature of your business, we offer an unbiased advice and assistance to help you get the best electricity and gas rates for your business.

Our aim is to always keep things straight and simple for you.

We Make you pay less by providing you hassle free competitive solutions

Call us on 0800 0236 240 Monday - Friday 10AM - 6PM OR save your energy and let us call you

We are well renowned for providing professional salespeople with best value products aimed at the business marketplace. Products are only sourced from well regarded industry leaders and the names that your prospects will instantly recognize.

Our commissions which are paid weekly are based on a scale which provides continued motivation to achieve results and great earnings. Our support team is available daily to support you and to help you in every possible way to keep you at the forefront of your skill and knowledgeable in front of your prospects.

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Save Energy for Business

Are you using more energy than you need to? Most business owners are unaware how much money they're throwing away through poor energy management.The unique way our business is structured makes it easy for you to access a wide range of energy suppliers and the tailored gas & electricity products and services they offer.

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Our Service is FREE

We do not charge you anything to offer you a free no obligation quote. The prices that our suppliers offer includes our fee which our suppliers are happy to pay us for introducing your business to them. There are NO other fees or hidden charges that the customers have to pay us for our service.

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Business Services

Business electricity and gas usage is usually much higher than domestic usage, putting you in the perfect position to negotiate a better deal for your business.

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Top Energy Solutions have continually found us the best prices and with their dedicated account managers resolve all our problems and issues allowing us to run our business in the knowledge that we are paying the most competitive prices. We recommend them to all business users
I have found Top Energy Solutions to be hugely efficient and time saving for me, let alone the great savings they have achieved for us over 3 sites for our electricity and gas supplies. The advice has always been clear and concise and they have taken away any headache that migh
I am a Happy Top Energy Solutions customer. I have been received scheduled bills starting from my connection. Then, with a wonderful promotion stating Bag a discount on our services if you could refer a friend to us. I will love to suggest to my friends