About Us

We are an energy consultancy firm specializing in providing energy/Gas solutions for all type of businesses. After doing all the analysis of nature of your business, we offer an unbiased advice and assistance to help you get the best electricity and gas rates for your business.

Our aim is to always keep things straight and simple for you.

We Make you pay less by providing you hassle free competitive solutions

We will do everything to make your life easier as we know you will be doing much more in your workspace. We work on your behalf instead YOU taking time out of your busy schedule and do all that boring utility comparisons by exploring multiple tariffs. You don’t have to talk to multiple companies for your utility solutions. You will get everything at Top Energy Solutions YOUR-ONE STOP SHOP. We cater according to your needs, from giving notice to your current supplier to switching supplier as desired.

We have trained experts to give clear and impartial advice. We want our customers to feel that they are paying only for their usage not the estimated readings and false bills.

Let us deal with everything for you

By allowing Top Energy Solutions to take control of your gas and electricity accounts, we can help you keep ahead at all times. Simply contact us by telephone on 08000236240 or email us on info@topenergysolutions.co.uk. Once you fully understand our service and have agreed to us acting on your behalf, we will proceed to collate all your information, regardless of the number of sites and size of business you have. We will find out when your contract or contracts expire and look for the best price for your renewal. If you do decide to change your supplier, Top Energy Solutions will do everything for you. We will clear up any outstanding issues with your previous supplier, deal with your new supplier and ensure there is no disruption to your energy supply.

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Top Energy Solutions have continually found us the best prices and with their dedicated account managers resolve all our problems and issues allowing us to run our business in the knowledge that we are paying the most competitive prices. We recommend them to all business users
I have found Top Energy Solutions to be hugely efficient and time saving for me, let alone the great savings they have achieved for us over 3 sites for our electricity and gas supplies. The advice has always been clear and concise and they have taken away any headache that migh
I am a Happy Top Energy Solutions customer. I have been received scheduled bills starting from my connection. Then, with a wonderful promotion stating Bag a discount on our services if you could refer a friend to us. I will love to suggest to my friends